Princess Shopping Bags

Who says you can’t be an athlete AND look cute while getting your sweat on?

We are card-carrying shopaholics and running has opened up a whole new world of shopping possibilities!  In this section, we will list our favourite places to shop for cute running gear. These things may not make you any faster, but they won’t make you any slower either. And, they may just inspire you to hit the pavement more often since you will feel fierce wearing them! Have your credit cards at the ready and enjoy…

Another Mother Runner – sassy tech tanks and lifestyle tees for the badass mother runner. Jewellery too!

Fit Approach – for your official “Sweat Pink” clothing and shoe laces.

Fitletic – running belts to carry your must-have accessories, guaranteed not to bounce.

Handana – bandanas for your hand! Wipe that sweat away and look cool while doing it.

Pixie Power Clothing – sweet racer tanks made especially for princesses and fairies.

Running Princess – cute technical shirts that say it all! Adorable race clothing for kids too.

Running Funky – we especially love their patterned arm sleeves!

Sparkle Athletic – who doesn’t like a little sparkle in their run?

Sweaty Bands – stylish head wear that does not slip!

Urban Running Girl – cute running shrugs perfect for layering in cooler temps.

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