Posted in August 2012

Run Like a Girl (Race Report)

Run Like a Girl (Race Report)

After months of reading and hearing and talking about the many reasons to choose a women’s race at Disney World, this past weekend was our opportunity to see what it would be like to run a race designed for women. We packed our little Beetle convertible on loan and, feeling so very Thelma and Louise, set off for a weekend … Continue reading



Does life ever get in the way of your training plan? Well, mine does and in fact, quite frequently.  Ever catch a summer cold that attempts to completely shut down all systems and makes you utterly useless?  After my last 5 km race, I was determined to be more consistent with my three runs a … Continue reading

The New Power Couple

The New Power Couple

We’ve heard different names for them. Sole mates. Sole sisters. BRFs (best running friends). Running buddies. Training pals. Whatever you want to call it, this should be the ultimate “must have” on your training list. Above your iPod. Above your Garmin. Above your Lululemon wear. I know that sounds like sheer blasphemy. But consider this: what fun … Continue reading

Music Makes a Difference!

Until I started running, I never realized the transformational powers of a good play list.  Now, it seems to me to be split whether a runner adorns a nano or ipod amongst some of the technical gadgets.  For me, I could not run without a dynamic beat driving me towards the finish line.  And, to … Continue reading


It is so funny what your children can come up with. And, If you listen and take time to reflect, most often than not, they actually have a point. My 3 turning 30 year old daughter commented after one particular evening run, “Mommy, you are a real runner now!” And I immediately asked, “What makes … Continue reading

Thinking Pink

My dear friend and colleague, Karen, was diagnosed with breast cancer this past spring. When she told me, I went through such a range of emotions – but the overwhelming feeling I had, once I had digested the news, was that I wanted to DO something. So I did. I started a team in her … Continue reading

Run Like a Kid (Race Report)

As we have embarked on our Race to the Castle, we have involved our daughters (four of them between us) as much as we can. We have both struggled with our weight at some point, and fallen victim to the nasty toll that takes on your body image. That is why we are both so … Continue reading

Running Past Self-Doubt

About a year ago, I ran for the first time in many, many years.  I just happened to be kids-free for the night so, instead of heading downstairs to my elliptical machine, I headed outside. I thought I was just going for a quick run around the neighborhood…but, that night was actually the beginning of … Continue reading

A Family Affair

After missing my 5:30 a.m. alarm – (hey it happens, right?), I was so discouraged at the thought of missing my run.  And then something really special happened, running really became a family affair. The four of us set out (2 in a stroller) and completed 3 km. Pushing 175 lb was a great upper … Continue reading